Wednesday, July 30, 2014

UT4M - Final thoughts, three weeks out

It’s only really now dawning on me—not so much the fact that I will be “running” 100 miles in the mountains, but the fact that I will be out there for two days and probably two nights too. And I haven’t been too keen on sleep deprivation since having kids.

On paper, my training really is below par, having barely managed to reach 40 miles (or 7-8 hours) per week, and 50-60 only a few rare occasions… But I have run almost 1,500km (930 miles) and over 30,000 meters (100,000 feet) of elevation since the beginning of the year, and that includes a 4-5 weeks hiatus end January through February to recover from a dislocated shoulder (I tried to stay in shape with a $100 elliptical machine and three seasons of Game of Thrones). For me, that's far greater consistent mileage than I have ever done (just the fact that I've kept track of my mileage is significant).

So I've done my best to train physically without sacrificing family time unduly (only one moment of complaint from my wife, so definitely a success), and I'll rely on 14 years of experience to pull through mentally. The result now really is irrelevant, because I will have answered the question: "how far can I go, how far is enough?" I don't want to train much more than this at this point in my life, I want time with my family while my kids are still young enough to want me around. So if it is not enough, then I'll just stick to races of less distance. Or perhaps I'll finish and still decide that it's too much...

There are so many possible endings to my race in three weeks, and right now they all quantumly exist as potentialities. In that state, all these possible endings validate in their own why what I have accomplished over the past year—what running has helped me accomplish.

Still, running for a cause will solidify my determination and inspire me not to stop until I really can't put one foot in front of the other. It puts all this egotistical training time to good purpose. Running helps me feel alive, so I need to share some of that...

The cause I will be supporting (cancer, of course, considering the family history) but more on that, and where and who to donate to, very shortly.

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