Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Running with music

I never ran with music until the UT4M last summer, and that didn’t convince me that it was any great help in dark times since it didn’t prevent me from tripping over roots and slipping on rocks on the hellish 3-mile, 4’500-foot descent into Rioupéroux-Salignière – and DNF’ing. Thing is, when I started running, it was rather inconvenient to traipse a Discman around for several hours on end, not to mention the batteries that would be required for an ultra, and the number of CD you’d need to carry! – or the fact that a portable CD or even a tape player (remember those?) would likely not last two days in the Sahara desert. So I learned to enjoy the noises of nature (and natural noises of my fellow competitors) and felt comforted by the fact that I didn’t need a crutch that could ruin my run if I forgot it on race day or if it broke down.

But recently I’ve become very scared that I have become addicted to running with music, at least on those flat road early morning or night-time long runs… It happened when I left work in the cold one evening, having boxed at lunch time, to do some speed work just as daylight was fading, and suddenly couldn’t face the 4-mile stretch home along the lake. I was seriously contemplating hopping on the bus, when suddenly I remembered my MP3-player integrated headphones! Bowie was singing the early trippy Cynet Committee, and it immediately spurred me on, perfectly matching the indigo sky.

But it was when Ravel’s Bolero came on that the experience became borderline mystical. In fact, I’ve noticed that while Muse, Green Day or even Led Zeppelin can provide a fair amount of energy, I much prefer stuff like Adele, Pink Floyd – and classical. The classics though: Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria from The Magic Flute, Dvorjak’s New World Symphony, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Bolero and Carmina Burana. Or a few soundtracks like Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings… And Vangelis, of course. Whatever I think of the UTMB, there are few things more inspiring than listening to Conquest of Paradise while running… They definitely got that one right!

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