Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Feels good to feel beat - a personal experiment

After all the injury time-off, it feels good to feel my legs and feel beat...

I have to say, all my training comments and recent cross-training ideas are really just work-in-progress, or actually rather a personal experiment, which is the whole fun of it. I plan out these very structures training programs, because a)  I have fuck-all else much to do at work, b) because I haven’t been able to run much and it’s fed the illusion that I’m actually preparing for the events ahead, c) it helps me plan lunches so I actually feel like I’m not sacrificing friends to exercise. But then, I stick to the plan only because I can change the plan in Word every day. Which means effectively I plan – and then toss the whole thing out the window when faced with day-to-day reality. But I’ve learned a few things along the way, such as what can lead to injury (e.g. no kick-boxing after a long run followed by hill sprint reps…)

My idea now is to pummel my body into “submission”. Exercising every day is a new thing for me. I’ve gone from 3 runs a week to 3-4 runs, 1-2 bike rides and a swim. I figure I’ll get used to it. I figure my general fitness can only go up. Though I’m a bit hypochondriac and can easily imagine over-training and burning out, the truth is I love to rest and relax too much for that to be much of a concern. I’ve read that training effectively is nearing your limit but not going over it – but while I might imagine or at least fear edging up to the brink, the reality is that I’m probably miles away from the cliff with no risk of falling over at all. Besides, I think over-training (not injury) is more a factor of stress and intensity than actual volume - getting all uptight about "achieving"...

As long as you're having fun... And the main thing is I’m really just enjoying the whole process, this experimentation, and looking forward to seeing where it will lead.

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