Sunday, January 17, 2016

50 miles and a calf strain!

Ah, well, I was so pleased yesterday as I was on the final stretch of a long run that capped my first week of training where I had pushed to almost 50 miles - the upper limits of my current mileage - with the view of doing some proper so-called "base training" this year, and ready for two days rest as I could tell the muscles were tired... And I was just telling my running buddy how I was hoping for an injury free winter-spring after the past two years (dislocated shoulder skiing and torn calf kick-boxing) when I jumped to avoid some brambles and felt a twinge in my left calf...

Definitely a strain. But definitely nothing like the tear last year. And it's early in the year. So I am going to be smart: no running for a week, even if I can already barely feel it. Do some (arg) swimming. Then start back at 35 miles the following week, then take a couple of weeks to get to 50... Got to account for my age!

Because the main thing now is consistency. I look back at the last two years of training when I started recording my mileage and elevation, and even factoring in elevation (which can perturb straightforward mileage), the intensity of my training was all over the place. Of course last year that had something to do with lining up a two 100km races and an Ironman in three months... But still.

So now the goal is to remain within the 40-50 miles a week bracket - consistently over the next two months, before upping it a bit hopefully. And remain injury-free.

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