Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My essential self-sufficient medical kit

As I prep my bags for the Ultra Tour du Léman, just thought I'd share what I've refined now over many years as my "essential self-sufficient medical kit". I store it in a zip-lock bag in an easy-to-access part of my backpack.

- toilet paper (in a separate plastic bag - and definitely put in a plastic bag! remove cardboard middle)
- suntan lotion (there are quite a few really small tubes that exist)
- vaseline or similar lube
- compeed & band-aids (for blisters, cuts)
- 1-2 disposable tubes of eosine (disinfectant)
- safety pins (to pierce blisters)
- lighter (to disinfect the safety pin - and to burn toilet paper after going to the bathroom)
- crystallized Ginger (really works well against nausea, and fast!)
- anti-nausea pills (i.e. Motilium), just in case Ginger doesn't work
- 1-2 imodium pills (for opposite problem, diarrhea)
- Arnica (for bumps, bruises and general soreness)
- BCAAs (optional, but i find it helps to take one an hour, 12/day)
- 1x anti-inflammatory pill (ibuprofen based)
- 1x paracetamol

A note on the last two: if you are well hydrated and have just eaten something, 1 anti-inflammatory pill shouldn't do any harm - take advisedly, of course. The paracetamol is better, and can be taken within 4-6 hours of the anti-inflammatory - though if pain relief is necessary, i would a) wait till at least 2nd half of race depending on length, and b) start with the paracetamol... As always - I'm not a doctor, check with yours first...

Then in a much smaller baggy that I carry in a belt bag i can access without taking the backpack off (where I also have my phone and an emergency gel or two)
- lip balm (chapstick)
- salt tablets/S-caps
- caffeine tablet

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