Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A hopeful return to running

First run in just over two months this morning, woo-hoo! Well, I won’t celebrate too soon, since the stress fracture I experienced was (is?) on the sesamoid just below the big toe, which apparently makes it one of the more troubling injuries to have (one website even said that it can compromise running permanently, but I’ll ignore that one). The only thing the doctor prescribed was no running (obviously), in fact nothing that puts pressure on the foot, which includes elliptical or step machines, and actually he suggested crutches. That just seemed silly - walking to the gym in crutches?! - but I'm wondering now if I shouldn't have done it anyway for a few weeks...

Still, I haven’t been idle exercise-wise. Two weeks of low intensity cross-training (mainly stationary bike at the new gym I joined, just a minute from the office – good thing I joined!) after two weeks of doing absolutely nothing post Ultra Tour du Léman. Then I eased into some high-intensity interval training on the rowing machine and stationary bike, with a sequence of weight training to strengthen the legs and upper body. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and definitely good in view of staying injury free next year.

Combine that with the fact that I believe I have now definitively ended my pack-a-week smoking habit, and am starting on a 5-week high protein low carb diet to try and shed those every 5-6 kg I’ve been carrying around, and I’m hoping that I may actually come back to running stronger – and faster.

That’s key since I have these two speed-related goals next year: a Boston qualifying time at the Geneva marathon (3h25, 3h20 would be ideal), and a sub-11h at the 100km Bienne (actually a double-secret goal of sub-10h, but I’ll take sub-11…).

So this morning I did 10mn on the treadmill at 5’36” (target pace for the 100km – never too early to start integrating specific race pace). A few niggles and twitches, but the main test will be tomorrow morning when I wake up and put my foot on the ground, and Thursday when I try running again.

Anyway, the 2-month break has been refreshing and actually quite a welcome break. but now I’m really ready to get back into the swing of things.

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