Friday, February 23, 2018

Gearing up...

Finally I feel like I am back on track. A few niggles in the foot after a short intervals speed session on Monday but nothing that would make me think that the injury isn't well on its way to mending - just a question of not re-injuring my foot or anything else. At 46, a sometimes difficult proposition!
This time I did things more cautiously, moving from a 1h30 training week mid-January to over 4h last week, with speed work moving from longer slower intervals to shorter and faster. Now it's time to reverse that trend as I spend the next three weeks really trying to work on speed for my first 10k race in 18 years, while increasing the weekend long run to over 2h. (Of course the best way to increase my speed would be to drop my 15 extra pounds! Working on that too over the next few weeks...)
So this will be the first month in what I've mapped out as a 20-week training plan for the 100km in Bienne. The 10k should give me some measure of what my pacing will be and therefore what time I can expect, also for the Geneva marathon early May.
I have a better idea of what I'm doing after working with a coach for last year's GUCR, but I still have no idea how all the components are going to work together for posting a PB in Bienne - but I am certainly having a lot of fun doing whatever it is I am doing! And enjoying focusing on speed and power rather than long slogs and diesel endurance...

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