Monday, March 19, 2018

10km Tour de Presinge: enjoying a shorter, faster race

As I was having a hard time in my recent training sessions hitting my target 10k pace of just under 4’30’’ (so’s to slip under 45mn), I really wasn’t very hopeful for the Tour de Presinge last Sunday, and was starting to wonder if even 47mn was possible. And so of course I also started to wonder about all this speed training hullaballoo since it didn’t seem to be having the slightest effect on me, either increasing my base speed or my ability to run faster for longer.

Wouldn’t you know it – perhaps because I’d been training in very cold weather and dodging snow patches, certainly because of the taper effect, and also thanks to some good advice from two friends, I actually hit my target goal at 44’47”… (I think originally I was hoping for 43mn but that was not founded on anything realistic). What is quite satisfying is that this corresponds quite neatly to the predicted time based on my recently tested maximum speed of 15.7km/h. So that does confirm that actually since February the speed work has been having an effect, both in base speed (since I was at 15) and in my ability to maintain about 85% of that speed for longer.

Not only that, but I am also quite pleased that I actually managed the race well in terms of pacing, posting a slightly faster 2nd 5k than the 1st (thanks to some pointed advice from two friends!)...

So now I start on my cobbled-together training plan for GE marathon/100km Bienne/100-mile Montreux with a renewed determination and belief that those goals – 3h25 for Geneva, 10h30 for Bienne – are possible.

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