Friday, November 16, 2018

Two very contrasted races: Trail des Glières and Trail de Nendaz

So this will be much ado about nothing – taking almost two months to write about my last two races – the Nendaz trail and the Glières trail – and pretty much skipping over them. Thing is, there’s not much to say about the former and I would not recommend the latter for anyone, like me, who thinks that too much technicality just kills the pleasure of trail running. I mean, it’s one thing to be working your downhill skills – and another to be scared of falling and slipping a disk or dislocating a shoulder just by walking; one thing to work your heart pump uphill and another to be on all hands and knees having to use a rope to get to the top of a mountain. And what was with the speed goats?! I mean, I was doing this race with my friend Anthony, his first ultra but certainly no stranger to endurance events, having finished two Ironman triathlons – and pretty quick too, with a finishing time of 11h17 and a sub-40mn 10k – and yet here we were not even half the race straggling in the last 10%... Needless to say, Anthony was none too pleased and I was very disappointed I had chosen this for his first trail run :-)

That said, if I hadn’t done the Nendaz trail a few weeks earlier, I might have begun to wonder if the time barriers and required speed at trail events weren’t getting a little to ridiculous. I mean, I might be getting a bit old, fat and slow – but still! Fortunately there was the 30k fun run Nendaz trail that I’d done a few weeks earlier with my longtime running companion Cyril where I was passing people uphill (a first!) and still felt I had something in reserve – and it was blissfully not-too-technical, with very runnable downhills on 4x4 tracks. A bit too “woody” (i.e. most of the race takes place below the tree line) but very scenic.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The "modesty" of long-distance runners

As I (desperately) wait for a (probably never-to-come) ideal moment to find enough time to write a brief report on my last two trail races - Nendaz and Glières - and look at the past year and year ahead (not to mention the past 20 and the next 20!), as well as my first attempt at coaching someone for their first 100k run, here's a short video making fun of how runners tend to gab to just about anyone who will listen about their upcoming challenges...